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Some of the news this week

Dinghies, canoes, all one of a kind items we show on the homepage can be sold and gone the next day. If you are looking for one specific item, you must make a trip to the store.

You will find plenty of gift ideas to the mariner – and to yourself !


Lots of old and new brass for the boat, some collectors items, some still very useful !


Our staff can assist you in getting the right trap for your needs.


Crab traps always popular to give and receive, ans useful too !


Many deals, factory rebates, take advantage now !


Just in – 7,5 Mercury – a very popular outboard


Well equiped boat, 20 Hp Mercury, ready to go !



Zodiak with 20 Hp Yamaha – just in – will be gone soon !


A good and solid used boat, select the right outboard and get out there.


This clean boat is more like an adoption, need a good owner to take it out year round. CIMG4619

Caps for the Captain  and everyday use

CIMG4593 CIMG4595

Survival suits – have extra on board – safety first


Solid brass bottle opener – a classic on every boat


Standard and Horizon handheld VHF


Sailors gloves by Harken


All stainless steel barbeque – many to select from


More gifts for the mariner – and some collectors items for the boat and the home


320 ‘ of anchor chain – other links available


Plenty of quality oars, all sizes, don’t be cought without !


CIMG4564 Plenty of gift ideas for the mariner – or a present to yourself.

We do have Gift Certificates !

CIMG4563 Quality rods and reels – a really nice gift !

CIMG4561 A mix of new and used – practical and for decoration – collectors items and maritime history

CIMG4562 New and used anchor buoy – for the winter storm – safety first


One of a kind, handmade boat stove with water heater

CIMG4549 More quality fishing tackle

CIMG4551 A very good selection of boat windshield wipers and motors.

Hand made salt water flies – for the serious fly fisher


Quality rods


Reels –  more new sport fishing gear arriving


Always use quality Bilge Cleaner


Look up, and you will see many items hanging from the ceiling


Two large buildings full of marine equipment


A huge collection of floats and markers.


Damp In – Dry Out, a good investment for your boat or RV.


Eva-Dry  Dehumidifiers  now in stock. A must for the boat.


Canoe and dinghy. Many more inside.


A large collection of used starter motors


Rope for a big job


CIMG4526 Maritime collector items can be found. Most of them still usable.

Many boats in the back yard


Fall is here, winter is coming. Get some warm clothing and be prepared.


CIMG4509 New and used, all sizes, many combined survival suits, get an extra one.


Also large supply of quality raingear. Yes, there will be some rain this time of the year. Be prepared.


Windlass, we have many used in stock, also winches. Come in and see if one fits your needs.




Part and parts, of all kinds, types and models. You have to take a look !



Many collectors items, but still useful !


Many used outboards, like this four stroke Yamaha.



All the right products for the on board bathroom.


Props, every make and size. Keep a spare one on board.



Hoses of every kind, for every use for a mariner !


One of a kind, for a serious boater, come by and have a look!


More quality fishing tackle arriving !


Used outboards, every kind, size and price.



   Everything you would expect to find at a Chandlery

CIMG4451  Portholes – New and Used

CIMG4449 One of a kind – Good deals



 Quality fishing gear

CIMG4411 Cannon balls in all sizes

CIMG4409  Parts – parts – of all kinds, mostly used !

This one and other are ready for adoptions – to a good family that  want to spend a lot of time on the waterfront


If not in stock – next day delivery !

CIMG4399  CIMG4397 This bucket might have the used part that will cost you a small fortune to custom make !

CIMG4394 A very good deal on the August sale


CIMG4376 Parts, parts – mostly used – some new – come in and have a look


a few left, and they will be gone soon

CIMG4368 Poster in store speaks for itself – you will get a good deal now

CIMG4367 Scotty Downriggers  and line haulers, and all the extra 

 Dock side storage containers

introduction price now only : $ 175.00

Regular price will be $ 249.95

CIMG4349 Dock side storage containers – can be bolted down

CIMG4350  Lots of secure storage – just add a pad lock – solid good design for dock side

CIMG4348 Zinks for every use, all makes and models, don’t forget the crab traps.

CIMG4351 Ropes,  floats new and used, for every use, always in stock – including old wooden floats for decoration


Hull Hugr a great invention, for many boats, docks and other uses.

CIMG4344 Traps of every kind, new and used. Lead rope and floats to match. Fresh bait always in stock.

CIMG4345 Complete harness for outboards of every kind.Gas tanks, fuel lines, filters – everything you need for new or re-built.

CIMG4331 many used outboards

CIMG4339 come by and look at all the new and used, for summer on the water activity


Near new, 3 burner gas stove


Life west for your dog – many sizes


Air Condition unit – for remote installation

CIMG4281 Torrid Marine Heaters a brand name to rely on for any vessel.

CIMG4279 Ladders of every kind, a must for every boat.

CIMG4278 Sea Dog Line  have plenty of marine products, including this easy warm water shower bag. It works ! No more cold showers.

CIMG4269-001 Somebody please take this dinghy to the water and have some fun – a few more to select from – get one for your needs – your budget – new or used

CIMG4271 Volvo transom shield kit – new in the box

CIMG4266 Garelik outboard motor carriers

CIMG4268 Bracket for outboard motor

CIMG4262 Nets for salt and fresh water fishing – a must – quality nets

CIMG4264 First Alert Fire extinguiser for marine use – safety first

CIMG4263 New and used crab traps – many kinds – we have some for you

CIMG4248 Two more Lehr Propane outboards sold, one 15 Hp one 9.9 Hp.

CIMG4246 Magma Gas Grill    in stock

CIMG4241 Orion First Aid Kit  keep one on board, safety first

CIMG4236 One only, used Honda Generator, perfect for the right boat

CIMG4230 Anchor Buoys Step fenders   –   a good idea !

CIMG4233  Walker Bay inflatable always in stock !

CIMG4239  Teak cleaner kits

CIMG4231 More nice dinghies for rowing or power

CIMG4232  This one is special, come by and have a look, a Bodvin 12 foot

CIMG4238  New / used motors coming in every week, most serviced and ready to go !

CIMG4212 Easy to find, the red boat is always there, the others change from week to week, day to day !

 CIMG4218 Many hard to find parts


 Back Yard, new items every week


 Magma Gas Grill   many to select from, many in stock

CIMG4206  A new line of folding boat seats – colors to choose – brackets to fit !

CIMG4209  Search Lights, good to have when you need one !

CIMG4207  Time to clean your boat  –  we got all your special cleaning needs !

CIMG4210  The Swobbit System is a complete line of the best you can find for boats.

CIMG4196 Always welcome with a display at the entrance

CIMG4199 A good fishing boat just in. We have many outboards to fit. A quick way to get ready for the season.

CIMG4201  A small, portable crab net for dockside or shallow areas.

CIMG4197  CIMG4202

 Emergency signals, flares and pistols. New 2015 Tide and Ports and Passages information

Paint Sale: 


Interlux and Pettit Boat Paint on sale


 Do not miss the Annual Paint Sale – 20 % off – plus you can get manufacturers rebate on many of the products !

CIMG4173  A large shipment of new supplies came in last week. Here are polyethylene gas tanks, get rid of the old metal tank and be safe on the water.

CIMG4174  All kinds of fishing gear also arrived. We will get it unpacked and displayed.

CIMG4177  New gear arriving to make sure you get ready and prepared for the season.

CIMG4176  Just in !  Nice used canoes, including a Clipper. Also an inflatable. CIMG4170

CIMG4163 Possible The Worlds Best Anchor, by Fortress.

Safe anchoring guide.  Diagram  DiagramImage


 Some antique Compass, all in working order, many collector items. A nice gift to a mariner.CIMG4166 We have the new and updated charts. The old ones can be very interesting and useful for many things, marking fishing holes, planning and marking trips, with nice pictures, decorating rooms and workshops, etc.etc. Pick up a few and get inspired.


 New and used Portholes , for your boat or for decorationCIMG4168CIMG4135

 Not one, but two large buildings full of all mariners equipment and supplies. New and used, also for the recreational boater, and summer fun items for the kids. Drop in and have a good look.CIMG4140 Everything for the boater, including Quick References Boating Guide in laminated plastic. Handy to have if you are in doubt of the markings, or for the backseat sailor.

CIMG4138 Books on boats, sailing, navigation, manuals, old and new, many treasures for a collector.

CIMG4127 Wakeboard for fun on the waves this summer

CIMG4124 All the Mariners needs, at one place.

CIMG4118 Take a look around your boat and plan your painting jobs for the new season

CIMG4120 Time to think of crab traps, get them ready now

CIMG4121 Quality chrome fittings, also many used

CIMG4117 More new and used fishing tackle coming in

CIMG4109 Everything for salt and fresh water fishing

CIMG4108 Buff Ball Polishing

CIMG4111 Life Jackets – new – used – small large, get the right fit, and get some extra. Safety first.

CIMG4113 Scotty Downrigger , a must for the serious fisherman

CIMG4106 Harken blocks and marine hardware

CIMG4100 Heater

CIMG4105 Tear Aid instant repair to inflatables, and much more, waterproof

CIMG4090  Anchor Buddy , visit their demonstration 

CIMG4094 Solid teak for the yacht

CIMG4096 Golden oldies that deserve some TLC and use every summer

CIMG4092  A large collection of used starters

CIMG4098 CIMG4091

Come in and explore our collection, including some home made

CIMG4082 The midway between the two buildings, new things every week

CIMG4084 Great spotlights, rechargeable, hand held, nice to have when needed

CIMG4083 Sometimes this huge inventory of spare parts have excatly what you are looking forCIMG4081 New and used boat chairs and pedestals

CIMG4076 Remember fuel additives, especially now in the winter months. Also keep your tank filled up.

CIMG4077 Working outside ? – on or near the water ? – always use proper clothing – new and used – we have it !

CIMG4066 Walker Bay   8 and 10 foot in stock now


Just in – need some care – nice dinghy


CIMG4065 Shore power – just ask for help


Lunasea   LED bulbs for every use

CIMG4048 LED replacement bulbs and new fictures

CIMG4047 Always look for new items in the back yard

CIMG4037 Get some extra dock lines for the winter storms, and if another boater is in trouble, you can help !


The right mix of new, old and used, at the right price !

CIMG4039  We do have a large collection of old marine equipment, for use or decorations !

New Furuno Radar – wireless !

CIMG4028  Is your vessel safe.  We have everything you need !

CIMG4027 Some new light fishing rods and reels

CIMG4029  Find a gift for yourself or your boat !


Get a C Tug for your kayak or canoe


Also Carries Small Boats - up to 120kgs (300lbs)! Can also manage a small boat

CIMG4019  Give a practical gift


Always interesting in the back yard – new items every week !


Yes, we have plenty of nice gifts to the mariner


CIMG4010  Standard Horizon   Rebates until Dec. 31st. Look at these deals !

CIMG4015 We have a large collection of the Odds and Ends

Water maker, drop in and see Gary !



Easy to find – easy to park – two large buildings full of new and used marine equipment

CIMG4000 CIMG4001 Between the buildings and the back yard with more things every week for the mariner


Mooring buoys – anchor  and buoys


“Anchoring is one of the most stressing situations for any boater out there. Hopefully you have a secure anchor buoy to come home to. It is dark, storm is blowing, you have not slept for hours, your help is asleep, you find the buoy. Do not tempt to take it on the lee side, you can get it on the prop or rudder, after a couple of attempts you will get hold of it on the windward side. You know how to grab it and fasten your line in the dark, no problem, you are safely anchored.”

Make sure you have one suitable for your vessel – we can help.


High chair  –  captains chair


More gifts


Survival suits – safety first


Nice gifts for the mariner

CIMG3968 CIMG3971


Look and you shall find !

CIMG3952 CIMG3953 CIMG3954 CIMG3955 CIMG3956 CIMG3957 CIMG3958

Nice boats -ready to go

CIMG3960  CIMG3963




And when you need it, we have it in stock, with the knowledge to help you to secure your floating invetmentsCIMG3951 A large marine store, filled with everything you need, and a few things you did not now you needed, until you see how practical they are, to make your days at sea easier

CIMG3948 You newer know what you will find in the two buildings full of marine supplies

CIMG3927 Two new Walker Bay   Inflatables. Many neat details. Top quality.

CIMG3928 The props are now placed in the side building and displayed easy to identify

CIMG3929 Anchors, chain and rope for every use. Safety first !

CIMG3925 Boat and trailer now ready to go !

CIMG3923 CIMG3921Lots of nice marine gift-ware now in stock. Come by and get your presents early.CIMG3924 These shelves will soon be filled with new quality fishing tackle.

Yes, it is allowed to get a gift to yourself and the boat.

CIMG3917 Quality marine hose, other hoses for every need in stock


New and used, displayed in two buildings

CIMG3916 More new and used marine items every week.

CIMG3912 New and used crab and prawn traps.

Remember that we always have bait in stock.

CIMG3909  Some new, and a lot of used fishing equipment


Kuuma Grills , also some used, many type in stock.


This is a really good product – Salt-Away


Another product you know and trust Stor-Dry to keep the boat free of mold and mildew


Real bus heaters, if you enjoy your boat all year, install one or more of these


A real fishing machine – note the Minn Kota electric motor on the bow with foot controls – and a Lehr Propane main motor


CIMG3868  All parts are now displayed and easy to locate

CIMG3871 New and used rope, ask for advice if in doubt. You have to have the right rope for each use.

CIMG3869 A large supply of new and used stoves, grills, and all you need for the galley.

CIMG3867 Sinks must be installed on every boat. They are all different, each for its own use. Ask our knowledge staff for the right one to protect your boat.

CIMG3870 You do not have to own a canoe to need a paddle or two, every boat should have a couple. Don’t get caught up the creek without a ……..

CIMG3841 A nice, simple Coleman Canoe.

Get some lifejackets, extra paddles, some rope, and off you go !

CIMG3846 Any of these outboards could be a nice spare to have.

Many more to choice from.

CIMG3847Do you realize how many options you have for a simple railing. We have them all.

Replace the damage ones, they can let you down when you need them most.

CIMG3844  Anchors, chain, rope and fittings.

All you need to set anchor safe on any boat.

Even if you are sure, ask for advice. And get an extra one, sometimes a stern anchor is needed.

CIMG3836  Another Davidson Sailing Dinghy 

To learn or just to have fun

CIMG3838 A light boat for the waterfront property – or the back of a pick up


The Logo boat repainted to show the way

CIMG3828 CIMG3827

All outboards are now displayed and easy to find.

CIMG3832  A really nice sailing dinghy in the back yard.


45 Honda from Okanagan – fresh water driven only


Sailing dinghy – nice and clean

Boat and trailer just in – updated picture next week


CIMG3783  Here is a really nice boat, and a brand new trailer.

The previous owner have spent a lot of money on this one.

CIMG3785  Take the whole family or friends fishing, lots of room here.

CIMG3837  Engine in great shape

CIMG3784 And a lot of power,

more than you need to get you to and from anywhere on the coast.

CIMG3781  We have all the charts you need, and some more !

Old charts can be nice for decorations.

CIMG3782  A Boston Whaler, nice fishing boat ready to go, including the trailer !

Ships rope – tie down your cruise ship – or decorate your yard



Manual and electric Downriggers in stock these by Scotty


A paddle –

and a boat hook at the other end – very nice to have on board


This marine store – probably the best selection on the west coast – two buildings full of new and used marine equipment !

Solar Panels CIMG3727 each 85 Watt

Multi use trailer – boat and hunting

CIMG3720  Beach   CIMG3721  trailer – roll this one down the beach CIMG3722  CIMG3718 Another couple of nice boat trailers   CIMG3719

Just in – Boat and Trailer





Power and Shore Cables


Get your tackle for the Sockeye run


Back yard to day


The Bitter End, Boaters Exchange

has everything you ever need or want for your boat !


Replacement paddles


A real good deal on plotters


Looking for odds and ends of stainless or aluminum,

 if you do not see it, just ask


An outboard lifting harness, nice to have


And please, donate to a new local Coast Guard Vessel


All kinds of boat cleaners, including fabric protector


A really nice barometer – gift for a Captain


Canoeing this summer ?

 get all the accessories, new or used


Honda 45 Hp low hours, only in fresh water


NEW: Taco Marine lumber


Water skiing is still a lot of fun,

get some for the good days of summer


… not party balloons, large supply of Fenders and Buoys ,

and secure Mooring


Summer promotion on Lehr Propane  outboard engines


New in stock – Stainless fender holders – keep control on those fenders – use them at dockside, but out at sea, keep them stored.


More dinghies, more boats and equipment every week


A real good deal, 25 Hp NISSAN fully serviced


Traps for every use,

these foldable combined crab/prawn,

ideal for smaller boats, even kayaks and canoes


Impellers for every use – these by Jabsco


New and used floats and markers, for safety and security


Marine charts – don’t leave port without


Unbreakable Melamine marine dishes by Gimex


Caps for the Captain, and all unbreakable marine utensils


lots of marine brass items, for use, gifts and decorations


Always have a look in the back yard


Anchors of every kind and size


A really nice dinghy – just in !


A Scotty line line puller that fits the rod holder,

pulling crab and prawn traps the easy way !


Dinghy Hauler for inflateable


New Lewmar Windlass


News: A square frying pan to fit the boat grill, what do they think of next !


Quality crab traps in stock – remember to get bait


Always have some extra oil sorbent pads on board


Time for cleaning the boat


We have all the best stuff


Look in the back yard



Popular and Safe Sailing Dinghy by Walker Bay.


New: Highliner  Boat Trailers, for boats up to 14 feet


Quality commercial prawn traps, used, but in good shape


A clean Hobie ready for sailing fun.


Replace the old metal gas tank, and get one extra.

Remember to get the right connection.


Lead lines for all your traps.

Newer use floating line, a boater can get them on the prop.


Get some extra lifejackets for the summer. All shapes and sizes.


A solid anchor winch for the right size commercial vessel.


15 Hp. Lehr Propane Outboard now in stock. Eight models, including electric start with built in battery.


Quality salt water fishing tackle now in stock


Always see in the back yard for new arrivals


Scotty Line puller, a real help with the traps – more images


Canadian made prawn trap, heavy mesh, commercial use, simply the best.


Stack of prawn traps


Tea Tree Power Gel  Now in Canada 

Marine Grade Odor Control

Forespar’s new Tea Tree Power® mold mildew & odor eliminator is a natural air cleaner formulated especially for marine use. Blended using 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil, it maintains healthy air quality and leaves a subtle, naturally clean scent throughout the boat.

“I have been battling mold and mildew in my boat for years . . . Nothing worked particularly well. Tea Tree Power® Gel is a magic solution. It even smells good!”
Fred G. – Nova Scotia, Canada


Personal Floating Gear for everybody. Get the right size, and a few extra for the boat.


Get a Life Ring for your boat, and a 50 foot proper line, ready to throw out to save a life.

I you own or have the use of a dock, hang one on a visual spot, ready to use, just in case.


Stand Up Paddle boards , the hottest item this summer



Buckets of chain, for every use


One more D 9 for one eager to start sailing


Another Davidson 9 foot sailing dinghy, this one also ready to go !


 9 foot Davidson, start of a sailors dream !


A small freezer for the boat, just the right size. Enjoying the life on the boat is just getting easier. By Dometic.


Room for some favorites, and some frozen fish fillets.


An icemaker on board, what do they think of next ? This is a must.


Pike poles, commercial quality, in all lengths, up to 12 feet.


Many new ans used seat arrangements, look at the detail with the handles to hold on to, very clever !


Only the lift is for sale !


In the back yard, new and used dinghies: CIMG3361

Hoses of every kind and for every use: CIMG3362

Invitation from Gibsons Yacht Club.

Come and join our Summer Sailing every Wednesday evening !

 Now in stock: Quality Wooden Oars from Quessy 

Get a pair of Oars you can depend on.


Two Davidson D – 9 Sailing Dinghies

Many sailors started out with a D – 9 , the sure and safe way to learn sailing.



Another light nice sailing dinghy


A nice fishing machine, ready to go, 25 hp Mercury. This one you can bring home after each trip. Get some oars or paddles and safety gear.


New fishing licence due April 1st, and you are ready for a good season.

Always have a look in the back yard !



Always look in the back yard. You might find what you are looking for.

New arrivals

CIMG3312a little TLC and this one is ready for the season


LED lighting by Lunasea – a lighter way to go

CIMG3282LED replacement bulbs of all kinds – upgrade to LED now


Ace Linehauler – a must for the serious crabber/prawn fisherman


and get a hands free rope coiler – no more tangled ropes – a real fishermans friend

CIMG3271when visiting, always look in the back yard


A huge selection of new and used rope – for all needs – may be the best selection anywhere – always have some extra rope on board – such a nice feeling when you can trow a coil to a friend in need

CIMG3280Richie Navigation  – look at this selection ! –  never leave port without one


Walker Bay 10 foot sailing – good looking and safe – a must to enjoy the summer on the coast !

Fibreglass Propane Bottles – New, light and the future trend


New propane bottles  utube

more info

Mustang Inflatable PFD  See Mustang selection here   Four styles in stock.CIMG3251

Inflatable PFD now approved as life west. CIMG3256



Regular life west CIMG3253

and plenty of used – get some extra for safety


New: Anti Fouling Paint – Union Jack – see homepage here


Aquagard Antifouling bottom paintCIMG3249


and always have some of these on hand, in the car and garage, and on the boat – they can save you a lot of trouble.

Large selection


More new display


New display  …. easy to see and try on


Here are some more news…CIMG3168More and more quality saltwater sports fishing gear in stock


Good selection of fishing gear, and more coming


Stainless steel, safe and solid build, ready to mount where needed

CIMG3164Quality sailing and commercial rain gear, easy displayed for you to see and try

CIMG3163Floating suits, MOT approved, all sizes, have one available for each crew and passengers, safety first

CIMG3172Life west, MOT approved, new display, easy to see and try, always have some extra on board

Lunasea LED lightbulbs

Replacement bulbs, waterproof, navigation, under water, floodlights, fixtures and more . . . .

Come in and see display, check your lightbulbs


 Walker Bay Inflatables  


Walker Bay Odyssey 240 CIMG3085

Walker Bay Odyssey 270 


Wise Sleeper Seats, grey


Garelick white Deck Chair 


 Nautilus auto inflatable PFD west 


Quantity of Bottom Paint 


See display of Lehr Propane driven Outboards 

Coming soon. A 15 hp. model.

Now on 9.9 and 15 hp. New interior starting battery !


Standard Horizon Electronic Marine 


Coleman gas generator


Jackson Propane Grill



A real nice fishing boat, lots of extras, electric motor and more


Inventory reorganized in building with ropes, life jackets, inflatables, anchors, stoves, seats and much more. Now easier to find what you are looking for. CIMG3050

Still a few boats in the back yard – still lots of fishing left – get one now – outboards to match CIMG2915

Mooring lines – dock lines –  change them now for the coming CIMG2920season, we have them for any vessel and condition

Just in – used kayak, enjoy the water today


Just in – 10 ft. Walker Bay – used – but not much


And nice gifts for any occasionCIMG2901

Line Pullers –  and the worlds best downrigger – Scotty




Solar Power


More used rope, for any need.


Lots of new and used rope in stock, keep some extra on board for many reasons.


For safe boating enjoyment all seasons, get a full suit for all on board, new or used, just in worst case. Less worries, makes the trip more enjoyable.


Outboards for any size boat – also electric – some more powerful than you think


Marine paints for topside and bottom. Keep the bottom clean, save on fuel.


Make sure you have a spare prop on board – a large supply of new and used props


Trailer supplies, quality parts and components


Everything for boaters in stock

CIMG2827All the best quality avaliable – yes, there is a differenceCIMG2826

Older nice dinghy  –  get a pair of oars for this oneCIMG2825

Nice clean Hobie now for sale  –  for sailCIMG2824

The most popular dinghy on the coast. Several Walker Bay in stock at all times.


New and used item – come in and have a look – a large variety of products !


– – – – – –

Nice hot weather is great, but this time of the year fog can be a result.


We have many used Radars in stock, come in and see if we have one for your vessel. If not, we do have new Radars for any size boat. Safety first.

The one in the picture is sold.

– – – – – – – – – –

Just in – A nice boat, lots of extras, 12 aluminum, electric motor, get an extra battery.

CIMG2778For its size, this boat have it all. Fresh water used, ready to fish locally in comfort.


Stainless steel crab traps in stock again, the best there is, now $ 139.


Also the foldable, and small ones for a canoe or kayak


Help Wanted

Do you know boats and sales ? Come by and see if you could work in the largest new and used marine store in BC ! Retired and part time ok.

Propane driven outboards – now in Gibsons




Coming soon also 15 hp, and including interior starting battery on most models.

Many used boats and dinghies in the yard. Get one and have some fun on the water this summer. A pair of oars will do for many, but plenty of used outboards to match any boat.  Remember life jackets, crab traps and some extra rope.



Nice new trailer  – rated at 900 lb. – extra wheel – just in


A nice small dinghy – if you need one – or an extra one at the beach – get a pair of oars too, keep the kids and guest busy rowing and having fun – and get a few extra life jackets – safety first


Used tanks – thanks a lot – many to select from, come by and see if we have a used tank for your need, you can save a bundle


Over 400 Sq.M. display – possible the largest marine store in BC

Two city lots full of  new and used equipment and parts 

Our staff know boating and sailing


Two large buildings –  display of used boats and more in the back lot


Many great deals all summer long – new and used

Enjoy your summer and safe boating to all !

Catch of the Day – 15 HP Honda – long stem – big prop – Four stroke      sold, but we have many outboards in stock

CIMG2721 Ideal for larger boat, as security or for trolling.

New and used anchors, good selection, get the right size and type for your vessel. CIMG2722 And lots of chain, new and used, get the right one for your safety CIMG2723

Water tanks and water heaters – new and used

CIMG2725 CIMG2724

New water spray nozzle to keep your boat clean – this is a must for any boaterCIMG2717

New propane bottle made of composite – soon all propane bottles will look like this – strong, light and safe


25 HP YAMAHA , Four stroke, serviced, a good reliable engine


Notice a new Page for INFLATABLE BOATS !

Good News – Murph is back . . . . .

CIMG2656 Murph is back part time – drop by and say hi !

STANDARDHORIZON have now a sale on all navigation equipment ! 

Finally – a new oyster knife with proper rest for your thumb

CIMG2579 The handle is formed to your hand, not just a piece of turned wood, your thumb rest properly where you need to put on pressure to chuck an oyster.

CIMG2583This oyster knife is a piece of art, and practical useful tool, no more blood and mess when you chuck your oysters. I bought one right away, held it in my hand, felt right, and I was sold.

New crab and prawn trap combined, and a smaller version for Kayaks ! Your local dealer.

Jolly Good Traps  –  we have them in stock – at jolly good pricesHappy Kayaker out crabbing

See images for Sea King Traps

CIMG2585A really nice combined crab and prawn trap, just for the west coast, folding flat.

CIMG2587About half the size of the regular trap, rope and float included in this package, folding flat for storage and transport. Fits nice in a kayak or canoe.

A hands free accessory that neatly coils your rope, easy to install.CIMG2576

Life raft – if you like or need one on your vessel, here it isCIMG2592


2 Responses to OLD NEWS

  1. Lee S says:

    I’ve passed on the word. Looks like some great deals!

  2. Chuck Brown says:

    Merry Christmas to all and welcome back Murph

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