We want to be known as a supplier of the finest of sports fishing equipment available. These special Canadian hand-made Moby nets are a fine example.

CIMG3319 Three sizes in stock. Hand made of a single piece of solid oak. Nets are square in the bottom, to treat the fish gentler, easy to take pictures, easy to release the catch. These are not only practical, they are collector items, and no serious trout fisherman should be without one.        Also for catch and release of Steelhead, or any other game fish catch and release. I have never seen a more exclusive net.

CIMG3325Just one example of mary collectible models, this a 12m. sailboat

CIMG3313 The absolute finest crab traps, all stainless steel.


Stackable traps are practical.

CIMG3315foldable traps, specially for canoes and kayaks, they also double up as prawn traps

CIMG3316 and if you are looking for some used traps, we have the whole selection, all kinds, come by and select yours.

CIMG3317of course we have fresh frozen bait in stock at all times.

CIMG3323 We carry all Scotty fishing products. 

CIMG3322 We carry the best of the best for your sports fishing needs

CIMG3321and we still have a very good selection of used equipment. I can spot two or three collectors reels just in this picture taken at random a few days ago.

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