News at Gothenburg Boat Show – we are the local dealer for LEHR Outboards

This news article translated by Google from a Scandinavian News Paper.

GOTHENBURG (Boating) The world’s first gas-powered outboard motor is introduced in Scandinavia.

REINERE ENN BENSIN: Med gass får den skandinaviske importøren av Lehr til og med lov til å ha motoren i gang i messehallen i Göteborg. Foto: Jørn Finsrud (Båtliv)

REINERE ENN BENSIN: Med gass får den skandinaviske importøren av Lehr til og med lov til å ha motoren i gang i messehallen i Göteborg. Foto: Jørn Finsrud (Båtliv)More news from Boating (here running on the show room)

Electric outboard with propane, and the world’s first turbo diesel outboard  motor. World premieres in Gothenburg

At the boat show in Gothenburg this propane outboard is demonstrated indoors. Here it is mounted with the prop in a barrel of water.

The fourstroke runs like any other engine. However, instead of a hose to the fuel tank, the hose goes to a propane tank. The fuel gives pep in the prop, but at a very low local pollution and no CO2 emissions of gasoline.

The engine is identical to gasoline, but the carburetor is adapted to propane instead of gasoline. It is the first time it appears in Scandinavia.

Less fumes 

– Between 20 and 30 percent of the gasoline disappears with the exhaust from a conventional engine that runs on gasoline. With propane emissions are zero, says Magnus Rodell Lehr from Scandinavia to Boating. 

The importer refers to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to support these facts.

The propane engine has already garnered multiple awards, as Invention of the Year 2012 from the National Marine Manufactures Association and the breakthrough year in 2009 and 2012 from Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards. The Tech Museum in Silicon Valley also awarded the engine year Environmental Award for 2012.

Lehr is supplying propane powered engines with 2.5, 5 and 9.9 horsepower. The LP 2.5 and LP 5.0 is a quick mounting on the back of a smaller single camping propane bottle.

The 5 hp can in addition to the quick installation, also to connect to a standard propane bottle. LP 9.9 has links to common propane bottle.

Slightly more expensive.The engines are built in the same factory in China as many of the major manufacturers use for outboards.

GAS: Ten gallons of propane is equivalent to about 20 liters of gasoline mileage for the same motor. Photo: Manufacturer

The new engines are so new in Scandinavia that the importer has not yet Norwegian or Swedish prices. But engines are more expensive than competing petrol outboards.

Cleaner engine

Propane has a higher energy density than gasoline. For example, a bottle with five kilograms of propane, last as long as ten gallons of gasoline. Combustion of one kilogram propane combustion equivalent of 1.5 liters of petrol.
Quick coupling: As an alternative, a small disposable propane bottle inserted into the rear of the engine. Photo: Jørn Finsrud (Boating)

For just a few weeks ago was the world’s first turbo diesel outboard engine launched in Düsseldorf. Diesel engine will have more emissions, but is also designed for larger boats, with its 55 horsepower.

See more pictures of the outboards that runs on propane gas. This article is provided by Boating.

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