Propane Outboards now at The Bitter End Boaters Exchange

This is great news indeed, to any boaters, and especially if you like simplicity, clean air,  and leave a small footprint.

We have secured dealership of this great invention.

A Propane Outboard. lehrbrochure  See her:

Propane outboards

Must be the best deal since sliced bread. Savings of up to 50 %.

A simple camping bottle of propane runs your outboard with clean fuel

for hours of fun and fishing. 

Camping bottle of propane

Of course, you can connect a large bottle of propane, and run the boat for all summer.

Lehr 2,5 and 5 hp Propane now in Gibsons

A 1 lb. camping bottle ( now refillable ) will run at 3000 rpm for an hour, with one spare, you have a great clean day trip. Trolling speed much longer.

Of course, you can connect an 11 lb. bottle, and run for days, weeks or all summer.

Four stroke, no messy carburators, no fumes, no winterizing, clean as can be.

2,5 Hp. on display, come in and have a look.

Winner of many awards:

Specifications here  on 2,5 Hp


Why propane?
Propane is:
– Eco Friendly
– More Economical
– Lower fuel cost
– Lower maintenance cost
– Easier to use/ safer to purchase and store
– No messy mixing of gas and oil
– No unwanted trips to the gas station
– No gas cans to transport or store
– Canisters are readily available
– Zero evaporative emissions
– Zero ozone depleting hydrocarbons
– Non toxic to ground water and soil
– 97% fewer particulates
– 96% fewer carcinogens
– Over 85% of propane used in this country is produced domestically- Exceeds 2011 EPA emission standards

Lehr in the news, more news, marine,

People are saying: 

I just got one of the new propane outboards – and no complaints at all! Good for the ozone, good for the ocean and good for my pocket! Smooth sailing!
Linda, North Carolina
It’s about time! It’s great to finally have a product like your propane outboards on the market. It’s brilliant technology – extremely efficient, extremely clean, and they are impressively simple – which is really what advanced technology is supposed to do.
M.B. Doyle, California
I have been boating for a long time. For years, I have been running 2 stroke outboards and not so long ago they introduced 4 strokes which were nice but they’ve always had ethanol related Carb issues but now that these motors run on propane, I don’t have to worry about all those problems or the extra maintenance and I can spend more time fishing with my kids.
Frank Pacelli, New York
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