Winter safety for your boat – 3 simple rules

1. Keep the interior of the boat dry.

keep the interior dry

Stor – Dry Units – safe and good

2. New dock lines – a good investment – and tie one extra.

Invest in a couple of new dock lines, the right size.

Here are some simple knots you have to know.   The best knots.   Here are more.       And some more. Tying up your boat.  More utube tie ups.   Common knots

Boating knots

Line Handling   When aboard a boat ropes are no longer called ropes, they are called lines. At least three and preferably four lines should be carried aboard for docking.The diagram beloe shows four lines used. Although the stern line will keep the boat from moving forward too much, to be safe a fourth spring line running from the dock cleat forward could be used.
Use a Single or Double Bow Line depending on the type of dock to secure your bow.
Use a Stern Line to secure the stern.
Use at least one Spring Line to reduce fore-and-aft movement.
Use Fender Ties to tie your fenders to your boat cleats. Use The St. George 2 in 1 to tie both your boat and fenders to the dock cleats.
Use Dock Lines when tying up along side a dock or pier.
Dock Cleats are used to secure your lines from your boat to the dock.
The Cleat Hitch KnotTwo ways to tie a cleat hitch knot.

Or tie your boat as if it was a large vessel, more spring lines, and lines from the bow and stern on the other side – safety for the winter.

3. Bilge Pumps – take them out and clean them, and add one extra, a good insurance.

Bilge Pumps for all volumes – add one extra – on its own fuse.

make sure you have the right pump for your boat – we can help – have some extra fuses on hand

3 simple rules for a safe winter sleep

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