Opening Hours at Boaters Exchange in Gibsons, a complete marine store !

We are open all year, staffed by people with an ocean of sailing, boating, fishing and various marine experience. The awards are hanging on our wall, from Swiftsure View 2012 Poster! to local races and more.

Probably the only marine business owned and operated by actual sailors, with a dept of knowledge, that can talk and understand the sailors language and needs.

Not only sailors, but also pleasure and commercial fishing experience, beach combing and boat wrangling.

open all year

Do not hesitate, just ask, there are no stupid  questions, the technology in new marine equipment is amazing, and we can help you find the right part or gadget for your vessel.

Bookmark our homepage:  for sales, specials, mariners info and more.

Our staff have maritime and sailing experience,

and many of our customers are Vancouver boaters.

And yes, our prices are not only compatible, 

but with all the new and used equipment in stock,  you could get a better deal here, just check and see from yourself.

And please, comment on this home page and our ads, what you want to see, we want to serve you better !

Please come in and have a look around.

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